Kona Real Estate Home Of Kona Coffee Cultural Festival

Residents of the Kona real estate properties are a few minutes away from a number of popular cultural destinations that showcase the rich history of the Big Island.

One of the best opportunities to know more about this is the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, a ten-day event honoring the nearly 200-year tradition of the world-renowned Kona coffee that happens every November. It celebrates the abundant harvest season and recognizes the accomplishments of the Kona coffee pioneers, farmers, and artisans.

The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival features a wide array of family-friendly activities that highlight the unique coffee heritage of the district. These include art shows, beauty pageants, coffee-picking contest and games, coffee-themed cooking contests, seminars, concerts, and educational tours around vast lands of coffee farms found on the sunny district of Kona.

Discover the amazing talents of the local artists in the Kona Coffee Art Show and Competition at Donkey Mill Art Center, a restored coffee mill that is now home of the Holualoa Foundation for Arts and Culture. The art show features several artworks inspired by the culture behind every cup of the pure Kona coffee.

Invite the whole family in the Kona Coffee Picking Contest and Games where everyone can try their hands on picking ripe coffee beans on the farm. Or join the Kona Coffee Belt Tour and stroll around a wide array of coffee farms. See firsthand the making of the Kona coffee from picking to roasting, learn about organic farming, catch a glimpse of 100-year old coffee trees, and enjoy a locally sourced farm to table lunch.

The celebration not only focuses on the coffee culture of the district. The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival also highlights the historical landmarks found within the art central of the island, the Holualoa Village. Do not miss the Holualoa Village Coffee and Art Stroll. Take a walk in the ancient town of Holualoa where a number of art galleries display paintings, sculptures, glassware, handicrafts and woodworks made by the locals.

Cap off the night by witnessing another display of Hawaiian talents in the Sugai Kona Coffee Talent Night and Aloha Makahiki Concert where a variety of multi-cultural performances like the ancient Hula dance and Hawaiian music are staged.

The history of Kona coffee starts with American missionary Reverend Samuel Ruggles, who brought the first ornamental coffee tree in 1828. After a decade, coffee plantations were established in the district and not later, around 3 million trees are cultivated on over 6,000 acres of land. In 1970, the first Kona Coffee Cultural Festival was staged and has been an ongoing tradition for 44 years.

Today, around 650 farms are cultivated in 3500 acres of land in the Kona district. Kona coffee industry continues to strive with about 95% of the coffees produced in Hawaii are from the region; making Kona synonymous to a cup of 100% pure coffee that can only be found on the Big Island.

To find your ideal Kona real estate property, get in touch with a trusted realtor that will take you to the best estates to build your primary residence, vacation home, or coffee orchard on the Big Island of Hawaii.